Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is the kitchen almost finished!! There are no quartz counter tops on the cabinets, but there are now. No microwave yet, but soon.
This is how the kitchen came. it was very simple and very 1970's. Its all gone, but with alot of work.

This is the same spot as the first picture, this is how we bought this house. Now, a new stove, two new floor cabinets, and wall cabinets. There was a wall to the left of the stove (from the work in the bedroom behind the kitchen).

The chimney needed some work when we bought it. These first pictures are from the building inspector from Gorham, Maine. He climbed up onto our roof.


  1. Okay, so this is pretty funny. I found your blog as I was blog-hopping. I saw "Sanford Bungalow" and wondered what were the chances that it would be that Sanford. It was! I grew up in Sanford and now live in Indiana. Lived on East Street (over by Hannaford's) for years. My dad just sold the house last year (he died in June). Good luck with your house reno. We're working on a reno project, too.

  2. Wow, that is some chimney! Every so often, renters should see a photo like that and be happy they are not homeowners :-)

    The last photo shows up as just a tiny line, but when I doubleclicked on it I could see the whole photo. I love your house, it looks like the house I grew up in,.