Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kitchen Redo Continue...

After a long, ohh so very long work day on the house, and after a few beers, I crashed out on the couch. Of course our husky, Sierra, thought it would be nice to cuddle.
The quartz counter tops are awesome! Less mantainence than granite and more scratch resistence. We got a great deal on a remnance sale from Massachusetts. They even installed!!

This wall originally had no cabinets. Now, new cabinets, new counter tops and new stove. Nice.

New cabinets, quartz counter tops, new dish washer (THE FIRST DISH WASHER EVER IN THIS HOUSE, welcome to the twenty-first century baby, my sweet little bungalow.
I finished the trim work in one of the first floor bedrooms today. It still needs to be painted and nailed in but the hard work is done. I also worked on the trim for the new closets in the master bedroom. Ohh soo close, yet soo far away!! There are two new closets in the master bedroom, where there were none before. As the weather gets warmer, our jobs will move outside.


  1. Subway tile? How cool is that.

    Would love to see photos of the trim work. I have to do some of that, and have only done a little before.

    I actually like the before kitchen, maybe because it is in my favorite colors and I'm from that era.

    Great dog.

  2. It looks great - you just can't go wrong with subway tile. And I love the quartz! Nice!