Monday, March 30, 2009

Closets!! We have NEW Closets!!

Fresh paint on the trim, walls and ceiling.

There were no closets in our 1920 bungalow originally. All the closets were built much later in the homes history. I had to change all the trim work so a bifold door would fit. I had to cut the bifold door too :) Thanks Eric for lending me your table saw.

Where the dresser is used to be a second closet in this room. Two closets in a medium sized room. Way to much closet. There was a doorway there into the kitchen originally. Now a wall (which is nice on both sides). I continued the backboard trim around that wall to the new closet.

Finished Product.

You can see the old baseboard in the closet wall. All the original trim was stained that dark brown color. I guess people kept their cloths in dressers or they had very little back then.

The top is the new closets, still needs bi-fold doors.

This is the inbetween stage. Functional but not done. We used it like this for months.

Sort of. We have been working on the upstairs closets for a while now. Its been a multimonth project, because there were no closets in that room. Only a door (like in the shining) that went into a scary attic like area with no insulation in the floor. Yeah, like no insulation. So, it was one project after another just to have a closet. I had to carefully take up the subfloor to put loose insulation in the floor and then put R-30 rolls ontop of the subfloor. The knee walls had decent insulation. Then back to the closets.

After framing, insulating, drywalling, mudding, and some electrical work, finally trim work. It was a damp and chilly weekend here in Maine. Not good for painting so I'll wait till next weekend to touch up some spots.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kitchen Redo Continue...

After a long, ohh so very long work day on the house, and after a few beers, I crashed out on the couch. Of course our husky, Sierra, thought it would be nice to cuddle.
The quartz counter tops are awesome! Less mantainence than granite and more scratch resistence. We got a great deal on a remnance sale from Massachusetts. They even installed!!

This wall originally had no cabinets. Now, new cabinets, new counter tops and new stove. Nice.

New cabinets, quartz counter tops, new dish washer (THE FIRST DISH WASHER EVER IN THIS HOUSE, welcome to the twenty-first century baby, my sweet little bungalow.
I finished the trim work in one of the first floor bedrooms today. It still needs to be painted and nailed in but the hard work is done. I also worked on the trim for the new closets in the master bedroom. Ohh soo close, yet soo far away!! There are two new closets in the master bedroom, where there were none before. As the weather gets warmer, our jobs will move outside.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is the kitchen almost finished!! There are no quartz counter tops on the cabinets, but there are now. No microwave yet, but soon.
This is how the kitchen came. it was very simple and very 1970's. Its all gone, but with alot of work.

This is the same spot as the first picture, this is how we bought this house. Now, a new stove, two new floor cabinets, and wall cabinets. There was a wall to the left of the stove (from the work in the bedroom behind the kitchen).

The chimney needed some work when we bought it. These first pictures are from the building inspector from Gorham, Maine. He climbed up onto our roof.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I know Christmas is over....

I wanted to post a nice picture of the Christmas tree we got from River Side Farms, in North Berwick, Maine. This is in our dining room. I am trying to find and organize all our our pictures of the house and the projects we have completed over the last two years. Lots more to come. Cheers.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello March, no more snow please!!

This weekend was great, warm, sunny and good for trying to finish some projects!!!
We started finishing one of our first floor bedrooms. We took out a mirrored closet, painted the whole room, and now fixing up the old closet. The bifold doors were too big, so we'll need to get a smaller size. This is my first post, so look for more.